Steve Dann reveals the future of surgical training on ITN News

Last week Medical Realities was part of a ITN News feature looking at virtual reality. The producers very kindly clipped up the section in which our CEO Steve Dann discusses our Virtual Surgeon training tool and how virtual reality and augmented reality will improve surgical training around the world.

This feature followed the announcement we made earlier in November that Medical Realities is raising £400,000 in new investment to create a library of 360-degree surgical training tutorials and distribute them globally through training hospitals and a series of mobile apps.

We will start by creating tutorials for Bellwether Procedures, including laparotomy, treatment of open fractures and emergency cesarean section delivery.

Dr Shafi Ahmed, co-founder of Medical Realities wins coveted ASiT Silver Scalpel award.

The ASiT Silver Scalpel Award has been recognising excellence in surgical training since 2000. It is awarded annually to inspirational trainers who have scored highly across five categories: leadership, resourcefulness, training and development, professionalism, and communication.

This year, the award was handed to Medical Realities co-founder Dr Shafi Ahmed, who received recognition for supporting students pastorally as well as professionally by helping them to settle into their new team and working environment, often in a new country with different cultures.

Ajit Abraham, Consultant HPB Surgeon and Group Director Surgery and Cancer, Barts Health NHS Trust, said: “I am delighted that Mr Ahmed’s outstanding contribution to developing trainee surgeons has been recognised and celebrated by our well-respected colleagues at The Association of Surgeons in Training.

Professor Anthony Warrens, Dean for Education, Queen Mary University of London, comments: “Mr Ahmed is a passionate and dedicated surgical tutor and we are very proud to have him on board training the next generation of doctors and delighted to see his contribution recognised by The Association of Surgeons in Training. This award is hugely deserved, and reflects Mr Ahmed’s position as one of our most innovative and forward-thinking teachers.”

Dr Shafi said “It is a privilege to have been chosen to receive the Silver Scalpel Award. Above all, I am humbled at having been nominated by my students; it is a great honour to know that they value my support.”

Medical Realities lauches first 360 video on YouTube

This week following months of rumours and speculation, YouTube announced that their platform is now compatible with interactive 360 degree videos. We were incredibly excited to hear of this news as it represents a cultural shift of interactive video formats entering into the mainstream. Having created 360 degree video as part of our first product ‘The Virtual Surgeon’, we jumped at the chance to be among the first to share video on the platform.

Whilst the video is heavily compressed by YouTube and somewhat limited in terms of interaction, it hints at the future of shared interactive learning and marks a step forward in our mission to allow anybody in the world to have access to first class surgical training, regardless of location or background.

In addition to 360 degree video, YouTube has also been experimenting with multi-camera video content – an area which we will be exploring in the near future.

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An interview with Dr Shafi Ahmed

Last month, Medical Realities co-founder Dr Shafi Ahmed sat down with Ben Heubl, journalist and healthcare specialist from Nuviun, a leading health innovation company. Here’s what Dr Ahmed had to say.


  • (0.45) Introduction, how can we
  • (2:00) Experimenting with Google Glass
  • (3:29) Improving the experience with Google Glass and peer to peer learning
  • (4:49) Where the value lies in streaming medical operations

Medical Realities announces first product at London Wearable Technology Conference

At the London Wearable Technology Show today, Medical Realities announced their first product, ‘The Virtual Surgeon’. This is the first time anybody has captured a 360 degree video recording of a medical operation, designed to be viewed in virtual reality in the UK. The procedure was a laparoscopic right hemicolectomy and was performed at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in central London.

Steve Dann, co-founder of Medical Realities said “I’m extremely excited about how Augmented and Virtual Reality can now be used for training in the medical sector. Our use of these emerging technologies provide a real breakthrough in the creation and distribution of realistic medical training ‘on demand’ anywhere, any time.“.

By creating ‘The Virtual Surgeon’, we hope we can kickstart a new teaching training model that will be adopted as part of a routine education tool in the future. Today’s trainees are young, innovative and eager to adopt new technologies in the educating workspace, which means they are able to pick up the skills necessary and even help to develop techniques moving forward.

Over the next few months we will continue to build upon and add value to The Virtual Surgeon and expect to make a public distribution of the application available in the coming weeks.

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