0     What is CILM?

CILM is an Immersive Interactive Medical Learning Platform designed to give surgical and medical training to people around the world in a cost effective, easy access form. It is targeted at Medical Students, Institutions and Academics, but is accessible to anyone with a thirst for in-depth surgical knowledge. For more information see the [ABOUT US] page or contact us at info@medicalrealities.com

1     What sort of pricing will the subscription plan have?

We are still finalising our decision on this, if you want you can subscribe to our newsletter during registration to get future updates on how we are developing our price plans. Otherwise just pop back to the website every now and again for updates.

2     Will i be able to purchase any content on a one off basis. i.e. if i want to purchase just one module?

We aim to have individual Module Purchase options available in the future, but our initial goal is to fully integrate the modules with our subscription package.

3     How much does registering cost?

Nothing! Register now during Pre-release for free and receive access to our First Module and a 20% Discount on your first Full Subscription Service purchase.

4     How does the CILM Application Work

The CILM Application acts as a HUB/Platform giving you access to downloads for all the modules in your price plan. To access a module log in to the CILM App and download the data pack for the module you require. As long as you are subscribed to CILM and are logged in, you can uninstalled and reinstalled modules as you need them.

5     How do i pay for my Subscription?

The following payment methods are available: […]

6     Where can i see release notes or the latest updates?

Currently, as we are pre-release, the best way to receive updates to CILM is by subscribing to our newsletter or checking the website. Once we enter release and payment is being collected you will be able to check release notes here [link] or follow our blog [link]

7     What can i expect in the future for CILM?

To get a insight on what we are up to and what product, modules and services we hope to bring to you in the future please follow our blog [link].

8     Will you be releasing different price plans for Educational Institutes and Students?

We plan to feature a number of price plan options to target the different groups with an interest in our product. As an Educational tool, both Student and Educator price plans are a priority.

9     The the Pre-release free registration is great, but do i have to supply card details?

Nope, you will not need to supply card details to register and claim your 20% discount for once the product is release.

10     How many devices can i log in to CILM from?

You will only be allowed to log in from you CILM account on one device at a time, however, you will be able to log in from any number of devices available to you, we do not tether our service to a single device.

11     Is the CILM App available in my country?

The CILM pre-release Registration is available in […]. However we plan to expand this once with hit our release. This section will be updated as we develop this and we will announce these developments through our Newsletter and blog [link]

12     Great I can download it in my country! But, is it in my language?

CILM in its Pre-Release form is currently available in English [and…] We plan on expanding upon this once we hit our release.

13     Can i cancel my subscription?

Once we hit our release, you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time through your CILM Account. To receive a refund you must email into us at refunds@medicalrealities.com. Since we are in Pre-release you will not be charged for anything and we don’t even require you card details! However, if you really don’t want us to have you on record please contact us on support@medicalrealities.com to request the deletion of your account.

14     I have tried CILM for a bit but its not for me, can i get my subscription refunded?

We are sorry to hear that! To apply for a refund please contact us at refunds@medicalrealities.com.