This virtual reality app brings medical expertise to remote locations


"A new medical virtual reality platform trains surgeons around the world, as if they are in the same room.

Shortage of surgeons is a serious problem for the global health industry. According to a recent survey by American Association for Thoracic Surgery, a growing disparity is projected between the number of surgeons needed and the number available by 2035.

In order to help meet burgeoning future needs, Dr. Shafi Ahmed, a famous surgeon from UK’s Royal London Hospital has launched a new education platform to train surgeons remotely by using virtual reality and 360-degree video technologies."  

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Watch the world's first surgery streamed in virtual reality live from London

"The world's first surgery to be broadcast live through virtual reality is happening today in London. 

Dr Shafi Ahmed, a cancer surgeon at the Royal London Hospital who is pioneering VR surgery, is today broadcasting the first live surgery - in virtual reality. The operation is being performed on a British man in his 70s, with colon cancer and will be streamed to thousands of medical students (and anyone else) watching on VR headsets such as £10 Google Cardboard and their smartphones. "

- The Telegraph


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Holograms replacing cadavers in training for doctors

"Surgeons are embracing technology’s cutting edge, using the latest in augmented, virtual and mixed reality to transform medical training. Among the devices the Royal College of Surgeons is planning to explore is the Microsoft HoloLens, a mixed reality headset, released to developers this year, which shows hovering 3D holograms.​ The college said it was teaming up with education group Pearson to harness immersive technologies for training students. ​

Shafi Ahmed, council member of the Royal College of Surgeons, said the technologies were the future when it came to education. '[In the next five years] I think most people will be taught with this AR, VR, mixed reality,' he said. 'Learning will change immeasurably. We are rebuilding [the college] for 2020. In that new classroom environment, there will be no space for cadavers; it’ll be case-based anatomy, it’ll be teaching and learning using HoloLens and virtual reality – really disrupting 200 years worth of surgical training. ”

- The Guardian

Shafi Ahmed, consultant surgeon at St Bart’s hospital, using virtual reality technology.

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