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Surgeon in VR, immersed in surgical simulation

The Future of 
Healthcare Training

We’re pushing the boundaries of XR technology in healthcare education and training globally.

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Empowering Healthcare Professionals Around The World

Our team of healthcare, education, design, and technology experts is dedicated to revolutionizing medical education using XR technologies. We provide immersive teaching and training solutions to overcome the limitations of traditional 2D curricula, with a focus on enhancing learning outcomes and improving patient care.


Founded in 2016, Medical Realities is the world's largest publisher of surgical VR video content and a pioneer in the field of immersive surgical training. The platform has been recognized by the Royal College of Surgeons and offers a multi-award-winning immersive training experience using interactive 360° video and still photography.

Surgeon in VR, immersed in surgical simulation

Immersive Products That Accelerate Healthcare Learning

Medical Realities is an award winning provider of XR experiences that supports healthcare training institutions around the world, as well as world-class medical training.

Our product provides high fidelity simulations, group-based distance learning, and unprecedented access to high quality 3D spatial learning resources. 


The power of XR technology enables students to train alongside leading experts in healthcare remotely and on-demand, in their own time and on their own terms.

XR Simulations

XR Simulations

Replicating real-world medical scenarios, allowing students to practice in a safe virtual setting.

Interactive VR

Interactive VR
Video Healthcare Procedures

Hands-on approach to learning, which enhances engagement, retention, and critical thinking skills.

Holographic 3D Medical Asset

Holographic 3D Medical Assets

Complex concepts become tangible, enhancing spatial understanding, collaboration, and knowledge retention

Patient Avatar

Patient Avatars

Mimicking the physical and physiological characteristics of real patients, they enable learners to practice clinical skills.

Full Human Anatomy Atlas

Full Human
Anatomy Atlas

Provides an accurate representation of the human anatomy, allowing the user to study the body in its entirety.

Patient Consultation Engine

Patient Consultation Engine

It enhances decision-making by providing real-time clinical insights, suggesting treatment options, etc.

What We Offer

World-Class Training Anywhere & At Any Time

XR tech allows on-demand remote training with healthcare experts, at the student's convenience.

Multiple Platforms

Our experiences, available on top XR platforms, inspire better performance and promote best practices.

Immersive Learning Experience

 Users are able to simulate real-life medical scenarios and procedures, enhancing their practical skills.

Our Awards

We’ve won numerous awards and recognition for breaking new ground on the frontier of educational technology for the healthcare sector globally. ​ Most recently our work building XR simulation for Health Education England was selected as a finalist for the 2022 SXSW Innovation Awards.

Innovation Awards 2022
Winner Demo the World Excellent Team Award 2016
Winner Demo the World Media and Choice Award 2016
Winner Demo the World Best Use of VR Award 2016
Webit Awards

Partners & Clients

We’re radically changing healthcare training with the support of our esteemed partners and clients.

Here is a selection.

L-Universita ta Malta - Medical Realities Partners
NHS Health Education England - Medical Realities Partners
NHS Barts Health NHS Trust - Medical Realities Partners
University of Leeds - Medical Realities Partners
Insight - Medical Realities Partners
HTC - Medical Realities Partners

Our Accreditation

Our learning content is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. This empowers our training partners to to award CME/CPD credit to healthcare professionals who complete our courses.

Royal College of Surgeons of England - Medical realities accreditation
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