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AI Powered Immersive Learning

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Embark on a journey of medical mastery with the cutting-edge prowess of Artificial Intelligence. 

Engage in conversations with fully simulated patients using your own voice, and interact with intelligent avatars that respond dynamically. Our training adapts, goes off-script, and reacts to you, offering an unparalleled level of immersion for the ultimate learning experience.

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Step into the future of medical education with our immersive XR technology.

Break free from traditional 2D curricula and immerse yourself in live recorded surgical operations, procedures, XR augmented e-learning and interactive simulations. Feel the pulse of realism as you witness procedures in a way only possible through the power and simplicity of XR.

Mobile & tablets

Unleash the power of portable learning with Medical Realities on your mobile and tablet devices.

Whether you're on iOS or Android, our entire content library accompanies you on the go. Seamlessly integrate learning into your lifestyle, discovering the freedom to educate yourself wherever you are.

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Core Team

Awards and accreditations

Winner Demo the World Excellent Team Award 2016
Winner Demo the World Media and Choice Award 2016
Winner Demo the World Best Use of VR Award 2016
Royal College of Surgeons of England - Medical realities accreditation
Innovation Awards 2022
Webit Awards

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