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The world's first end-to-end immersive platform for the healthcare industry.


We have collaborated with leading institutions to create powerful tools to help you get ahead.

Due for release in 2020, our first Undergraduate product will enable you watch and practice Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE's) whenever you want to.

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CPD courses and diplomas delivered virtually so they fit into your schedule.

Our in house development and medical teams are working with established accreditation providers to ensure the quality of our courses.


Use the Medical Realities Platform in your organisation to revolutionise education and communication.

The Medical Realities Platform is capable of delivering a groundbreaking immersive and retentive method of training to healthcare professionals such as:

  • Clinical Procedure Tutorials

  • Surgical Theatre Modules

  • Clinical Environment Tours

  • Immersive Lectures

And much more.



Good health is a fundamental human necessity.

To provide healthcare services we need an educated workforce. Existing methods of education and training are proving suboptimal which is contributing to a global healthcare crisis.

Medical Realities is a company founded on the core idea that immersive technology will democratise healthcare: ‘Technology Enhanced Healthcare’.

We are the market leading immersive education/training SaaS company in the healthcare sector. Using our proprietary technology, content creation know-how, and institutional network we create immersive education/training products for undergraduate, postgraduate, and HCP (Healthcare Professional) customers.

Our approach is highly scalable, affordable and immersive compared to current education/training methods.

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