Medical Realities

Medical Realities is a Technology Enhanced Healthcare Company. Enabling the Convergence of Immersive Technology and Validated content to Improve Healthcare.

UK Headquarters:

26 Berwick Street

Soho, London, UK


California Office:

2492 Walnut Avenue, Suite 104

Tustin, California



Company History

Steve and Shafi met while speaking at the 2014 Augmented Planet congress. Their mutual interests in medicine and immersive technology led to the formation of Medical Realities.

In April 2016 Shafi performed the worlds first live 360° operation on a cancer patient at the Royal London Hospital. Over 55,000 people watched the livestream.

In April 2017 the Medical Realities Platform launched with its first module.


OUR Team

The Medical Realities team brings together innovative technologists and world class health care professionals. We have an exceptional team of doctors, educators, software engineers, designers, and videographers.


Leadership Team

Steve Dann



Ciarán Carrick

Chief Technology Officer

Professor Shafi Ahmed

Chief Medical Officer


Mr Bijendra Patel

Head of Research and Content

Matt Leatherbarrow



Siewchee Kong

Chief Financial Officer


James X A Pendry

COO & Creative Director


Amar Singh


Strategic Partners

We are proud to be building the future of immersive medical education with the following industry partners.